The Golden State Warriors plan on prioritizing getting younger this offseason. Younger players like Jordan Bell and Pat McCaw had injuries during the season, while Quinn Cook and Kevon Looney emerged as times as rotation players.

Joe Lacob was asked how often he plans for the offseason.

"Every day. You know the way we think about things and I think about things, which is, can’t sit on your laurels. You know, things could change. Players get older, some get better, some get worse, and other teams get stronger.

"We just have to be always moving forward to try to improve our team. So I actually think this draft is a very important one for us. We need to get some youth on the team going forward. So we’re paying significant attention to it, and I am, too. Probably more than any other year."

Lacob was then asked why getting younger is more of a priority this offseason.

"Well, we have a first-round pick, for one thing, which is really nice. And you never know.

"I mean, I expect our core guys to be here, but beyond that, you never know, some guys could leave and come. We need to get a little younger."