Gordon Hayward is just 5-for-20 from floor and has committed eight fouls in 59 minutes in preseason since returning from his leg injury.

"Physically, I feel pretty good," Hayward said. "But I don't feel comfortable on the floor yet. It's one thing to be physically able to do everything. It's another to be a basketball player -- the timing and the rhythms. When you've been playing a long time, you just know. But not after you take a huge break, and come back to a new system. The second surgery was such a setback. I was really looking forward to playing 5-on-5 the whole summer. What I'm going through now is what I wanted to do in the summer, but it didn't work out that way."

Hayward had an unexpected second surgery in late May to remove a plate and screws from around the left ankle he shattered. Hayward wishes he had undergone the second surgery earlier.

"I was miserable," Hayward said. "To go back into a walking boot after all that progress -- back on crutches. That was my lowest moment."

"I felt terrible for him," said Danny Ainge.