The Dallas Mavericks were active in trade talks in an attempt to move up to draft Tyrese Haliburton, who could have been a good fit with Luka Doncic. 

"I heard Dallas was up to a lot last night trying to offer 18, 31 and something else, I'm not sure if it was a player or a pick to everyone from, like, seven to 10 to 11," said Zach Lowe on Thursday's podcast. "And I'm pretty sure the target was Haliburton. They were hot on Haliburton. They were offering all of these picks to try to move up and get Haliburton. They didn't get him."

Jonathan Givony of ESPN added that the Mavericks finished second behind the Portland Trail Blazers in trying to trade for Robert Covington. 

"Haliburton, they were 100 percent trying to get him," said Givony. 

Haliburton was drafted 12th overall by the Sacramento Kings.