PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook Launch Review 2022

The PointsBet Ontario sportsbook is live - and it brings a unique flavor to the new world of sports betting in Ontario and Canada.


PointsBet is one of the biggest new brands on the sports betting scene. Launched in Australia just five years ago, it now has a North American HQ in Denver, Colorado, and has made significant advances in capturing a share of the new legal sports betting market in several US states. Its stated aim is to be responsible for 10% of the US market.

PointsBet Sportsbook Ontario Is Live!

When law C-218 was passed by Canadian legislators in the summer of 2021, the door was opened for provinces to license legal single-game sports betting. Ontario blazed the trail by making plans for respected, experienced and newly-legal sportsbooks to begin offering online sports betting - and there were hopes that this would be in place as early as January 2022.

Sadly, the launch was delayed by complications over the commercial structure of the new landscape, and by challenges associated with bringing existing customers of previously unlicensed operators with them once licensed. However, on April 4, 2022, the regulated sports betting and Ontario online casinos markets launched.


Distinguished Features On The PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook

PointsBet, like other sportsbooks, works hard to stand out from the crowd with the quality of its service and the breadth of its offering. There are a host of ways in which the operator tries to encourage people to join PointsBet - and to make PointsBet users feel special.

There are several other features that make a visit to the PointsBet website or the PointsBet mobile app an enjoyable experience.


This is a genuine point of difference, the method of sports betting that sets PointsBet apart and, indeed, gives the company its name. As well as traditional fixed odds markets, you can try PointsBetting. Here, your winnings and losses are determined by the final result of a match and are not certain until the very end. 


Name A Bet At PointsBet

Have you ever wanted to construct a particular wager on a certain outcome, or set of outcomes, in a sports event? PointsBet gives you that ability with its Name A Bet feature. Fill in a form with the bet you want to stake and PointsBet will price it up for you - unless it is a single-game parlay or another wager that is available on the site already.

Live Sports Streaming At PointsBet

Being able to watch the outcome of your wager when you bet online is a huge benefit. PointsBet has expanded its live streaming offering to deliver increased amounts of live streaming through its website and the PointsBet app. Where live streaming is not available, there are fast-moving animations to keep you abreast of the action.

The PointsBet Karma Kommittee

Sometimes, a wager loses through foul play, official incompetence, or sheer bad luck. This is where, occasionally, the Karma Kommittee steps in. Its function is to assess whether bettors who have lost money on the outcome deserve a refund - and to activate that refund if it decides they do.


Partial Cash Outs At PointsBet

Cash Out is one of the most innovative features introduced by sportsbooks in recent years. If your wager is going to lose, you can limit your losses; if you fear a winning position might not hold, you can lock in a profit. With PointsBet, you can impose a partial cash out, which allows you to claw back some of your bet while allowing a portion of it to carry on to the bitter end.

PointsBet Same Game Parlays

Parlays remain a popular option for those who enjoy fixed odds wagers on sport. Traditionally, these related to the results of several games. Now, though, you can now bet on multiple outcomes within the same match on major sports at PointsBet.


Daily Parlay Odds Boosts at PointsBet

Keep an eye out for the chance to win more on your bets. Odds boosters appear daily on a variety of sports and parlays. If the odds relate to an outcome you were going to wager on anyway, you could be in position for a truly satisfying outcome.

PointsBet Sportsbook App

The PointsBet app is extremely well regarded and scores highly among mobile sports betting fans for its speed and user-friendly navigation. It is available through the Apple app store, where it has a rating of 4.7 out of five, and the Google Play Store, where it scores 4.6. 


PointsBet Hits And Misses

Hits Misses
Opportunity to try PointsBetting  PointsBetting can be risky
Strong focus on local sports and teams  App needs more live streaming options
Regular odds boosts and bet request function  
Outstanding rewards program  

What PointsBet Ontario Does Well

The experience of customers who use PointsBet Indiana, PointsBet Iowa and the company's services in other states where PointsBet operates such as New Jersey suggests Ontario sports betting players are in for a treat. This is a brand with a powerful focus on the excellence of the customer experience. 

Other notable features that any PointsBet sportsbook review should mention are features such as the rewards program, the Karma Kommittee, any kind of refer-a-friend offer and the high regard in which the PointsBet mobile app is held by its users. The partial cash out facility to enable early payouts and limit your losses is also a positive.

The most distinguishable feature of online betting with PointsBet, however, is PointsBetting. If you have a strong view about the outcome of a particular match and want to do more than simply cover the spread, this is a way to accelerate your winnings considerably. Although we do recommend placing a limit on your wager while getting used to these particular betting markets.


How does PointsBet Compare?

The only criticisms of the experience of online sports betting with PointsBet are minor ones. The live streaming offering on the PointsBet app is more limited than at other online sportsbooks, though this is being rectified. The volatile nature of PointsBetting wagers may be a negative in some customers' eyes.

What to bet on with PointsBet Ontario 

When you visit PointsBet Arizona, or sample the company's offering in other states such as New Jersey, it becomes clear that this is a sportsbook that has moved extremely quickly to join the elite.

The quality of the user experience is complemented by the breadth of betting markets available on each sporting event. The bets that you can stake here include:

  • Moneyline
  • Spreads
  • Player props
  • Team props
  • Parlays
  • Totals

Once sports bettors have seen PointsBet launched in Ontario, there is one sport they are guaranteed to wager on in huge volumes - hockey. The fortunes of the Toronto Maple Leafs govern the mood of the province like no other team, just as NHL action in general commands huge attention across this hockey-mad nation.

However, other sports such as football, baseball and basketball also enjoy enormous followings in Ontario. That ensures there will be plenty of PointsBet sports betting on the big games in the NFL, MLB and NBA, as well as other sporting events across Canada, the USA and beyond.


PointsBet Online Sports Betting Basics 

With PointsBet announced as an online sportsbook that will be available to bettors in Ontario, what sort of wagers will you be able to place here? Let's take a look at a sample of the types of bets that online sportsbooks such as PointsBet offer.

The range of PointsBet sports bets available is a broad one. There is a huge choice available when it comes to placing a wager on an individual match, and the various things that might occur while that game is played out.

Moneylines - The moneyline is the most simple bet you can place on a sports match. Who do you think will win? The odds about the side favored to win carry a minus sign, and those on the outsider a plus. 

 Spread Bets - In spread betting, one side is given a notional start by the sportsbook so that the odds about each team winning are very similar. In hockey, this is called the puck line, and that start is usually 1.5 goals. So, if you think the Arizona Coyotes will win by two goals or more, you back them at -180. If, however, you believe the Chicago Blackhawks can win the match, or lose by one goal, you back them at +150. If the Coyotes win by two or more, they are said to have "covered the spread".

Total Lines - These are also known as over-unders. The sportsbook will nominate the total number of times a certain event will happen in a match, and you decide if there will be more or fewer than that total. So when the Coyotes face the Blackhawks, PointsBet might nominate a total of 5.5 goals. If you think there will be six or more, you go over at -105, and if you reckon there will be fewer, go under at -115.

Parlay Bets - For many years, the only form of sports betting allowed by law in Canada was parlay bets. You need to include more than one outcome, and all your selections must be correct for you to get a return. PointsBet offers parlays on certain single matches, but you can still wager across different games. So if you believe the Calgary Flames, Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers will all win on the same night, a parlay is the bet for you.

Prop Bets - Props, or "propositions" to give them their full title, are bets on particular outcomes during a match. They can relate to a team or an individual, and the sheer variety of wagers on offering can run to several dozens. You can, for instance, back a player in a hockey match to score first, to score twice, or to assist a certain number of goals. Then there is correct score betting in each period. And the ability PointsBet offers to build your own bets adds extra options to the list on offer already.


PointsBet Pricing

PointsBet's pricing and lines are comparable to the best offered by other sportsbooks in states such as New Jersey and elsewhere in the USA. The operator is seen as one of the most competitive in the market place. It is interesting to note that, where some operators go -110/-110 across the board on their spreads, the PointsBet pricing is more highly customized for each match or market.

The Origins Of PointsBet Sportsbook Ontario 

Australia has long been a nation that defined itself to a large extent through its sporting excellence. Since its arrival on the sports betting scene as recently as 2017, PointsBet has demonstrated that such excellence is not restricted to the arena or the pitch.

PointsBetting, a method of wagering on sport closely related to betting on spreads, gave the company a unique selling point that it has built upon since its entry to the US market in New Jersey in 2019.

The quality of its sportsbook offering, alongside the PointsBetting facility, has been complemented by shrewd investment and marketing moves. PointsBet has created a series of high-profile partnerships with athletes and teams, as well as organizations such as Banach Technology and NBCUniversal. The latter made PointsBet the official betting partner of NBC Sports and gave its profile a considerable boost.

PointsBet is now licensed in several states, including New Jersey, Illinois and Michigan, and is a well established and highly respected sportsbook. 

What To Expect When Registering For A PointsBet Sportsbook Account

Now that PointsBet Ontario is open for business, the process of registering for an account will be extremely straightforward. Every online sportsbook wants the first interaction with any customer to be as user-friendly as possible, while remaining compliant with the requirement to register you safely and securely. 

  • Go to the home page of the website or the PointsBet app and find the "Sign Up" button.
  • Once you have clicked on that, fill in your name, address and email address.
  • You should also be asked to provide a mobile phone number and date of birth to demonstrate that you are of legal gambling age.
  • Choose from the PointsBet deposit methods and insert your online banking details. You will have to make a minimum deposit, probably C$5 or C$10.
  • You are ready to make a fixed odds bet and your first PointsBetting wager.

PointsBet Sportsbook Payment Options


There are several ways in which you will be able to deposit real money with PointsBet Ontario. Principal among these is Mastercard. This is the payment method preferred by PointsBet; by using it, you can transfer funds immediately to your branded PointsBet Mastercard and start playing straight away.

However, you can also use other online banking facilities and credit and debit cards, as well as echecks and PayNearMe. It has yet to be confirmed that PayPal will be an option.

You should be able to use the same method to withdraw your winnings as you did to place your deposit. The PointsBet Mastercard offers instant withdrawal of funds, but the company has a good reputation for processing withdrawals by other methods swiftly and smoothly.


Sportsbook Usability

Now that PointsBet Ontario launched, along with other legal sportsbooks, in Canada's most populous province, it is clear that the online experience is similar to that in other locations where PointsBet operates.

Website Interface 

The PointsBet website offers a cool, clear sportsbook experience. Its stylish black background and simple design carries a confident look and feel and is extremely easy to navigate.

Unlike many other sportsbooks, PointsBet does not bombard you with communications, casino links and a dizzying array of betting options. This minimalist approach can go too far, however; the full range of sports on the left-hand navigation column has to be clicked open rather than sitting on screen permanently.


Ontario Pointsbet Sports Betting App 

The PointsBet mobile app is superb in appearance, and quick and responsive to use. The design echoes the website, and the real estate on the smaller screen is well used to convey just the right amount of information.

Customer Support Methods

The standard of customer support at PointsBet has won high praise from users of the sportsbook in the USA. There are several methods of getting in touch with the operator if you have queries about any aspect of your online betting experience.

  • Live chat: This is available 24/7 and is operated by a dedicated and expert team. This is not a visit to chatbot hell. The quality of support available is legendarily high and you should not have to wait long for an answer to any issue you raise.
  • Email: Similarly, email queries to service@pointsbet.com are met by a personal response rather than an automated service; however, this written response will take longer than a live chat query to generate a response.
  • Phone: As things stand, PointsBet does not offer the facility for getting in touch by phone.
  • Help page: The website contains a detailed help page with a host of detailed information and FAQs on particular subjects such as the online casino.
  • Languages: As well as English, assistance is available in Spanish too.

Sportsbook Security

Like any top-class online sportsbook, PointsBet takes the security of its customers' personal and financial data extremely seriously, and has a raft of measures in place to protect them. This includes secure end-to-end SSL encryption, as well as secure servers and firewalls for extra protection.

Players can also actively ensure their own security by using strong passwords. Simply using "password" or "54321", for example, will not give you the level of peace of mind you need. Choose a personal, but memorable, sequence of numbers and letters to play your part in keeping your details safe.


How PointsBet Compares to Ontario Sportsbooks

PointsBet is a sportsbook brand that stands comparison with any of the other high-quality operators set to offer their services to sports bettors in Ontario. Ultimately, the choice of sportsbook or sportsbooks will always be highly personal. Let's take a quick look at how PointsBet ranks alongside some of its main rivals.

PointsBet vs. FanDuel Ontario

FanDuel Ontario is commonly seen as the benchmark against which all other North American sportsbooks should compare themselves. PointsBet scores well, though, for the breadth of its choice of sports, its highly competitive pricing and the quality of its customer support, as well as differentiators such as PointsBetting and the ability to create your own bets.

PointsBet vs. DraftKings Ontario

DraftKings Ontario, like FanDuel, has pivoted smartly to augment its DFS excellence with a superb sportsbook. It is a solid, reliable offering that does everything well. However, if the unique offerings of PointsBet meet with your betting requirements, that will give it the edge.

PointsBet vs. Bet365 Ontario

Bet365 Ontario is one of the biggest names in the world of online sports betting, and is sure to bring a comprehensive, high-quality offering to Canadian sports bettors. However, PointsBet's strong focus on local sports has served it well in other territories, and could make it more palatable to Ontario players.


Measures For Betting Responsibly

Sadly, some people who venture into the exciting world of sports betting develop a gambling problem. While wagering on sports is a fun, light-hearted activity for most of us, those who suffer from a gambling problem can suffer serious personal and financial issues.

PointsBet takes its commitment to responsible gambling seriously, with a dedicated page accessible from the footer of the home page of the website. Here you will find information about self-assessments, self-exclusion and cool-off periods, as well as access to organizations that can help those who develop a gambling problem.

Sportsbook Taxes On PointsBet

The good news for Canadians who want to enjoy single-game and online betting on sport is that you will not be taxed on your winnings. The national government does not see this as a form of employment. The only exception is if you become a professional gambler - but please also note that, if you earn interest on your winnings, they will become liable for tax. Also remember that if you head south of the border for a successful spot of gambling in the USA, any winnings gained there are taxable.


PointsBet Retail Sportsbook

Ontario is home to no fewer than 71 casinos, many of which will surely be interested in offering a sportsbook now that single-game wagering has been legalized in Canada. PointsBet has experience in this regard, having set up a PointsBet-branded retail sportsbook at the Catfish Bend Casino in Iowa, for instance. It will be fascinating to see which of the bricks-and-mortar locations in Ontario move to strike up similar partnerships in the near future.

The RealGM Verdict On The Ontario PointsBet Sportsbook

The conclusion of any Ontario PointsBet sportsbook review has to be that this is a serious operator that has developed its proposition at phenomenal speed and now delivers a top-quality customer experience.

Innovation is at the heart of the PointsBet offering. The high risks of PointsBetting may not be to everyone's taste, but this is a genuine differentiator in a market place where many operators offer different shades of the same menu.

Similarly, the ability to request your own bet, the strong focus on live betting and the competitive pricing all mark out PointsBet as a compelling entrant to what is certain to be a fascinating Ontario betting market.


PointsBet FAQs

Is PointsBet Ontario legal?

PointsBet Ontario is legal and live in the province. Legislation passed allowing single-game wagering in Canada, and Ontario put steps in motion to allow big-name licensed sportsbooks to offer their services to the people of the province. The regulated market launched in April 2022.

Can I bet on college sports with PointsBet Ontario?

In some states of the USA, there are restrictions on betting on college sports, particularly games involving local sides. However, it would appear there are no such problems with placing wagers on NCAA action in Ontario.

Does PointsBet Ontario have an online casino?

Yes, it does - though it appears to play very much second fiddle to the sportsbook. Whereas many brands populate their sportsbook pages heavily with casino offers, here the focus is strongly on sport. The casino has a reasonable choice of games, though much smaller than some sportsbooks'.

Can I Live bet at PointsBet Ontario?

Yes, you can. Live betting on sport is increasingly popular through web and mobile platforms, and the PointsBet app makes it particularly easy to bet on sports action even when it is under way.

When will PointsBet Launch in Ontario?

PointsBet Ontario launched on April 15, 2022.


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