Orlando Magic Regular Season Rosters

2020-2021 Orlando Magic Regular Season Roster

Jersey Player Pos HT WT YOS Pre-Draft Team Draft Status Nationality Free Agent Info
2 Al-Farouq Aminu F 6-9 220 10 Wake Forest 2010 Rnd 1 Pick 8 United States / Nigeria PO-2021; UFA-2022
50 Cole Anthony PG 6-3 190 0 North Carolina 2020 Rnd 1 Pick 15 United States N/A
8 Dwayne Bacon SF 6-7 221 3 Florida State 2017 Rnd 2 Pick 10 United States RFA-2020
5 Mohamed Bamba C 7-0 225 2 Texas 2018 Rnd 1 Pick 6 United States TO-2021; RFA-2022
24 Khem Birch PF 6-9 220 3 UNLV 2014 NBA Draft, Undrafted Canada UFA-2021
7 Michael Carter-Williams PG 6-6 190 7 Syracuse 2013 Rnd 1 Pick 11 United States UFA-2020
6 Gary Clark SF 6-8 225 2 Cincinnati 2018 NBA Draft, Undrafted United States RFA-2020
10 Evan Fournier SG 6-7 205 8 Poitiers Basket 86 (France) 2012 Rnd 1 Pick 20 France PO-2020; UFA-2021
20 Markelle Fultz PG 6-4 200 3 Washington 2017 Rnd 1 Pick 1 United States RFA-2021
00 Aaron Gordon F 6-9 220 6 Arizona 2014 Rnd 1 Pick 4 United States UFA-2022
1 Jonathan Isaac SF 6-10 210 3 Florida State 2017 Rnd 1 Pick 6 United States RFA-2021
3 Chuma Okeke PF 6-8 229 0 Auburn 2019 Rnd 1 Pick 16 United States N/A
31 Terrence Ross SF 6-7 206 8 Washington 2012 Rnd 1 Pick 8 United States UFA-2023
9 Nikola Vucevic PF 7-0 260 9 USC 2011 Rnd 1 Pick 16 Switzerland / Montenegro UFA-2023

2020-2021 Orlando Depth Chart

Starters M. Fultz E. Fournier T. Ross A. Gordon N. Vucevic
Rotation   M. Carter-Williams D. Bacon J. Isaac K. Birch
Rotation       A. Aminu M. Bamba
Rotation       G. Clark  
Lim PT C. Anthony     C. Okeke  

Orlando Draft Rights Retained

Name Pos Draft Status Nationality
Justin Jackson SF 2018 Rnd 2 Pick 13 Canada
Janis Timma SF 2013 Rnd 2 Pick 30 Latvia
Fran Vazquez FC 2005 Rnd 1 Pick 11 Spain
Remon Van de Hare C 2003 Rnd 2 Pick 23 Netherlands
Rashard Griffith C 1995 Rnd 2 Pick 9 United States

Orlando Free Agent Rights Retained

Name Pos FA Status Nationality
D.J. Augustin G (U) Bird United States
James Ennis GF (U) Non-Bird United States
Melvin Frazier, Jr. SF (U) Early Bird United States
Wesley Iwundu F (U) Bird United States
B.J. Johnson SF (U) Non-Bird United States
Vic Law SG (U) Non-Bird United States
Jerian Grant SG (U) Bird United States
Arron Afflalo SG (U) Non-Bird United States
Marreese Speights C (U) Non-Bird United States

Orlando Magic Future Free Agent Details

2020 2021 2022 2023
D.J. Augustin (UFA)
Michael Carter-Williams (UFA)
Evan Fournier (PO)
James Ennis (PO)
Vic Law (RFA)
B.J. Johnson (RFA)
Wesley Iwundu (UFA)
Gary Clark (UFA)
Melvin Frazier, Jr. (TO)
Al-Farouq Aminu (PO)
Khem Birch (UFA)
Jonathan Isaac (RFA)
Markelle Fultz (RFA)
Mohamed Bamba (TO)
Melvin Frazier, Jr. (RFA)
Aaron Gordon (UFA)
Mohamed Bamba (RFA)
Nikola Vucevic (UFA)
Terrence Ross (UFA)

Orlando Magic Future Draft Pick Summary

Year First Round Second Round
2022OwnOwn; IND (via MIL) if IND conveys 2nd round pick to BRK in 2021
2023OwnOwn; IND (via MIL) if not already settled and if IND conveys 2nd round pick to BRK in 2022
2024OwnOwn; IND (via MIL) if not already settled and if IND conveys 2nd round pick to BRK in 2023
2026OwnOwn; MIL

Orlando Magic Future Traded Pick Details

Incoming Outgoing

2022 second round draft pick from Indiana
One year after Indiana conveys a 2nd round pick to Brooklyn, Indiana will convey its 2nd round pick to Orlando (via Milwaukee) (this pick will therefore convey in 2022, 2023 or 2024) [Indiana-Milwaukee, 7/6/2019; Milwaukee-Orlando, 11/18/2020]

2026 second round draft pick from Milwaukee
Milwaukee's 2026 2nd round pick to Orlando [Milwaukee-Orlando, 11/18/2020]

No picks outgoing

2020-2021 Orlando Magic Roster Composition

2020-2021 Orlando Magic Front Office

Staff Member Position Start Season Previous Job
Dan DeVos Chairman, Governor 2011-2012 N/A
Dick DeVos Vice Chairman 2001-2002 N/A
Doug DeVos Vice Chairman 2001-2002 N/A
Cheri DeVos Vice Chairman 2018-2019 N/A
Alex Martins Alternate Governor, Chief Executive Officer 2011-2012 Chief Operating Officer (Orlando Magic, 2006 to 2010)
Jim Fritz Chief Financial Officer 2006-2007 Vice President of Finance and Accounting (Orlando Magic, 1999 to 2006)
Nyea Sturman General Counsel 2014-2015 Assistant Director of Legal Services (Orlando Magic, 2012 to 2014)
Andre Salhab Associate Counsel 2018-2019 N/A
Charles Freeman President of Business Operations 2018-2019 Chief Operating Officer (Orlando Magic, 2015 to 2018)
Pat Williams Senior VP 2018-2019 Owner (Orlando Magic, 1989 to 1991)
Larry Thompson Director of Team Security 2018-2019 N/A
Steve Clifford Head Coach 2018-2019 Head Coach (2015 to 2016)
Bruce Kreutzer Assistant Coach 2018-2019 Assistant Coach (2017 to 2018)
Mike Batiste Assistant Coach 2018-2019 Assistant Coach (2017 to 2018)
Pat Delany Assistant Coach 2018-2019 Assistant Coach (2017 to 2018)
Steve Hetzel Assistant Coach 2018-2019 Assistant Coach (2017 to 2018)
Tyrone Corbin Assistant Coach 2018-2019 Assistant Coach (Phoenix Suns, 2016 to 2018)
Lionel Chalmers Associate Coach, Player Development 2019-2020 Head Video Coordinator (Orlando Magic, 2018 to 2019)
Jeff Weltman President of Basketball Operations 2016-2017 Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations (Toronto Raptors, 2013 to 2017)
John Hammond General Manager 2016-2017 General Manager (Milwaukee Bucks, 2008 to 2017)
Matt Lloyd Assistant General Manager 2012-2013 Director of College Scouting (Chicago Bulls, 2007 to 2012)
Pete D'Alessandro Assistant General Manager 2017-2018 Senior Vice President of Business and Team Operations (Denver Nuggets, 2015 to 2017)
Prosper Karangwa Director of Scouting 2019-2020 Director of College Scouting (Orlando Magic, 2018 to 2019)
David Bencs Director of Basketball Analytics 2018-2019 Basketball Analytics Manager (Orlando Magic, 2014 to 2018)
Stephen Mervis Director of Basketball Strategy 2020-2021 Assistant Director of Basketball Strategy (Orlando Magic, 2018 to 2020)
Rodney Powell Director of Team Operations 2019-2020 Director of Team Services (Orlando Magic, 2018 to 2019)
Michael Brooks Basketball Operations Assistant 2019-2020 Assistant Video Coordinator (Long Island Nets, 2018 to )
Tommy Massimino, Jr. Basketball Operations 2018-2019 Assistant Video Coordinator (Denver Nuggets, 2016 to 2017)
Randolph Gregory Assistant Video Coordinator 2019-2020 N/A
Mark Jenkins Head Video Coordinator 2019-2020 Assistant Video Coordinator (Orlando Magic, 2018 to 2019)
Marti Artigas International Scout 2012-2013 N/A
Jonathan Whitkin Advance Scout 2018-2019 N/A
Jacob Diamond Equipment Manager 2018-2019 N/A
Bill Pope Director of Pro Personnel 2018-2019 Advance Scout (Sacramento Kings, 2013 to 2016)
Becky Bonner Director of Basketball Operations, Director of Player Development 2018-2019 N/A
Kevin Tiller Scouting Coordinator, Player Development 2018-2019 N/A
Regan Harris Player Development 2018-2019 N/A
Ernest Eugene Head Athletic Trainer 2018-2019 Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Medicine (Virginia Tech, 2014 to 2018)
Troy Morris Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 2014-2015 N/A
Aki Tajima Athletic Trainer 2017-2018 N/A
Kristen Crenshaw Assistant Athletic Trainer 2019-2020 N/A
Kent Hoffman, M.D. Team Physician 2010-2011 N/A
Craig Mintzer, M.D. Team Physician 2012-2013 N/A
Sameer Mehta Physical Therapist 2018-2019 N/A
Lindsay Winninger Physical Therapist 2019-2020 N/A
Jeff Turner Television Analyst 2013-2014 N/A
David Steele Television Play-By-Play 1998-1999 Radio Broadcaster (Orlando Magic, 1989 to 1998)
Dennis Neumann Radio Broadcaster 1998-1999 N/A
Richie Adubato Radio Broadcaster 2005-2006 Head Coach (Orlando Magic, 1996 to 1997)