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Clippers Starting To Roll

by Graham Flashner

Dec 8, 2014 2:27 PM

As the Clippers grow and mature, a more formidable kind of team has emerged, one that stresses tough defense, spreading the court, and making the extra pass. Maybe not as flashy as Lob City, but more substantial, with the hope of playing deep into May. Read more »

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Antawn Jamison & The Floater Game

by Jonathan Tjarks

Nov 6, 2014 8:46 PM

Antwan Jamison was an athletic 6í9 with a high basketball IQ who knows how to put the ball in the basket - a guy like that can be a really good player for a really long time. As he exits, the closest guy to him in the last 17 years is entering the league in T.J. Warren. Read more »

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Clippers Vulnerable Without Perimeter Stopper

by Jonathan Tjarks

May 17, 2014 6:27 PM

The player who could have really helped the Clippers was Eric Bledsoe. He was moved to get a more traditional SG in the starting line-up, but they might have wanted to try the Bledsoe-Paul combination before just giving up on it. Read more »

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Clippers Run Out Of Miracles

by Graham Flashner

The Clippers were never able to sustain the momentum of those first 15 minutes. They spent the rest of the game waiting for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to take over, and eventually, after a slow start, they did. Read more »
The Jackson-Barnes Play: Deconstructing The Rule

by Christopher Reina

In common conversational usage, Matt Barnes' contact did cause -- i.e., set in motion actions that led to -- the ball sailing out of bounds, but not before it touched Reggie Jackson's other hand. Read more »
Clippers Save Their Season With Game 4 Comeback

by Graham Flashner

It may be too early to call the Clippers a team of destiny, but their season is getting more magical by the minute. What began as a Motherís Day Massacre turned into a Motherís Day Miracle. Read more »
Clippers Answer The Bell

by Graham Flashner

In the end, it came down to basketball, thrilling, offensive basketball. The Clippers put aside Donald Sterling and distractions from the outside world, and, after scaring their fans with a lackluster first half, stormed back to outshoot, outmuscle, and outplay the Warriors to win Game 7. Read more »
Clippers Rise To The Moment In Game 5

by Graham Flashner

While the story is far from over, a tidal wave of relief swept through the entire Clippers organization and fan base, culminating in a night-long celebration at Staples Center. Read more »
You Can Never Have Enough Tall Shooters

by Jonathan Tjarks

The Pacers are one of the biggest teams in the NBA, with a 7í2 Goliath standing in front of the rim next to another 6í9 bruiser and three of the longest and most athletic perimeter players in the NBA in front of them. They were built to beat the Heat, a team full of slashers, but they have no answer for an Atlanta offense that plays five out. Read more »
RealGM's Playoff Predictions

by RealGM Staff Report

All eight RealGM writers predict the Heat along with either the Thunder or Spurs to reach The Finals. Read more »
The Western Conference At The Deadline

by Haven Kaplan-Miner

The Western Conference is highly competitive this season, but that didn't carry over to a deadline in which Steve Blake was the most important acquisition after the Rockets were unable to cash in their Omer Asik chip. Read more »
Clippers Arenít Letting Injuries Hurt Them

by Andrew Perna

The Clippers have avoided a catastrophic injury, but have had their continuity stunted by nagging injuries to a handful of players. Matt Barnes, J.J. Redick, Maalik Wayns and Reggie Bullock have all been sidelined with substantial issues. Read more »
Western Conference Twice As Good, Nine Degrees Warmer

by Christopher Reina

The Western Conference is nine degrees warmer on average than the Eastern Conference, which must be considered as a factor in why it has been a far deeper conference over the past two decades. Read more »
A Brave New World For Los Angeles, New York

by Danny Leroux

Strangely, none of the major market teams have the competitive advantage of their location and a top-flight organizational reputation. History and money are still (largely) on their sides but players have become more conscious of organizational quality in recent years. Read more »
30 Rapid-Fire Questions For Each Team's Front Office

by Benjamin Cantor

The following 30 questions are the biggest issues facing each NBA front office as the 13-14 regular season begins. Read more »
30-Team Offseason Rundown

by Danny Leroux

Great drafts for the Rockets, 76ers, Nets, Warriors, Hawks and Grizzlies headline this complete rundown of the 2013 offseason. Read more »
How Clippers Should Use Blake Griffin

by Jonathan Tjarks

In order to maximize his skills and their title chances, the Clippers need to use Blake Griffin more like LeBron or Durant. In order for the Clippers to win a title, Griffin will have to displace Chris Paul as their best player and DeAndrew Jordan will have to be moved. Read more »
DeAndre Jordan Took Trade Scenarios As Sign Of Respect

by Shams Charania

In DeAndre Jordanís mind, interest from other NBA teams meant he was desired in a way perhaps the Clippers didnít feel as well at times this offseason. As the Clippers pursued Kevin Garnett, Jordan was ready to move on if they pulled off a deal Ė and he took all the supposed interest as respect out of other franchises. Read more »
Grading The Deal: Clippers Trade In Bledsoe For Better Roster Balance

by Christopher Reina

The Clippers have long been waiting to trade in their biggest asset in Eric Bledsoe to improve the construction of their roster and found it in the form of J.J. Redick and Jared Dudley. Read more »
2013 NBA Offseason Primer

by Danny Leroux

With the 2013 NBA offseason underway, here is a primer on what all 30 teams are facing. Read more »

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